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Location: London
Date: January 5, 2021
Back to the boxes – our response to COVID-19 image

Back to the boxes at Smart Works.

Following yesterday’s Government announcement (4 January), we will continue to pause our face to face service. However, the virtual service that we have been developing over the last nine months will continue to be available to any woman who needs our help.

For those looking to secure an interview, we’ll be delivering our career coaching service, offering tangible advice to help get the interview.

Our interview coaching and dressing service will also continue. Our wonderful dressing team work with our clients to curate the perfect outfit, packed into a box with love, care and a supportive smile, and delivered straight to their door.  Interview coaching is delivered virtually by a trained coach.

Thank you to the many woman who have kindly donated clothing to our wardrobes.  We will continue to accept donations by post and courier, however we ask that you refrain from dropping them off yourself.

The next few months will be challenging, but we’re better prepared than ever before to make sure we can be there for our clients at a vital moment in their lives.

Thank you to everyone in our community for their positivity, passion and commitment to our charity.