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Location: London
Date: August 21, 2015
AON Summer Interns fundraising for Smart Works image

On August 5th, six summer interns and their mentor from AON completed a triathlon, fittingly named ‘360 miles for a 360 turn’, to raise funds to support Smart Works’ expansion efforts.

To reach the 360 mile benchmark, each team member undertook a run of 8 miles, a cycle of 50 miles and a swim of 1 mile. Unsurprisingly, the triathlon presented everyone with quite a physical challenge; however, the determination to finish for Smart Works did not go unnoticed.

Thanks to a fantastic internal support network and lots of determination, everyone managed to complete the triathlon. In successfully completing this feat, they managed to reach their fundraising target of £2000.

AON hope that this type of fundraising initiative will be replicated in the future to raise funds and awareness for Smart Works, as it involves people from all walks of life teaming together to support one cause.