Smart Works began in 2013 in London, and our two centres remain our biggest centres, and friendly, inspiring hubs of innovation and learning. 

We take a pan-London approach to managing our two centres in the capital city. Our centres in North and West London each have a beautifully curated wardrobe, coaching rooms and a welcoming and experienced team to make sure that any women who comes to see us gets the support she needs to return to employment.

In the last year, we welcomed women from every Borough in London and beyond.  London also provides the backbone of our virtual service delivery, and supports our regional centres across the UK.

69% of the women we saw got the job within a month of their appointment

If you’d like to reach any of the team at each of our two centres the information you need is below.

Smart Works North London,
Unit 1, Canonbury Yard,
202-208 New North Road,
N1 7BJ.
0207 288 1770.
Smart Works West London,
St Charles Centre for Health & Wellbeing,
Exmoor Street,
W10 6DZ.

Life in London

Here is a snapshot of what day to day life looks like at our two London centres. 

The phones are always ringing

Our Honorary President and Volunteer Jules visits regularly

Clients coming through our door is a highlight

Our volunteers will get stuck in to anything 

When a client comes back for a second dressing it’s a great moment

That first dressing feeling

Things have changed over the last year with the addition of a virtual service

Finding the perfect outfit

Socially distanced in our North London centre

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