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Location: London
Date: August 22, 2016
Pretty Powerful: Bobbi Brown and Smart Works image

Smart Works have been working with the fabulous team at Bobbi Brown over the last few months to help empower women to feel Pretty Powerful. Obviously we are biased, but we think it has been a huge success.

The campaign has been focused on the launch of a Bobbi Brown Secret to Confidence make up lesson, of which 100% of proceeds (less VAT) came straight to Smart Works. This makes an enormous difference to the work we can do at Smart Works, helping us to help women get the clothes and the confidence they need to get the job and move on with their lives.  We were thrilled to launch the lessons at a breakfast event on the morning of International Women’s Day, celebrating with inspiring women from the worlds of fashion, sport, journalism, literature and food.

It hasn’t stopped there. Our clients have been treated to makeovers both in our West and North London offices, and they’ve had the chance to go to the Bobbi Brown HQ to hear tips direct from their beauty experts. Our volunteers, who give their time every day to help dress and train our clients for interview, have also had a series of fantastic evenings learning how to make sure that they too are Pretty Powerful, and have learnt how to colour match the Bobbi Brown products for our clients.

And the staff at Bobbi Brown have been busy fundraising in their lunch hour, selling cakes and salads in support of Smart Works.

So much of this has been captured on social media, so please do look at some of the fun and inspiration on instagram, twitter and facebook, #PrettyPowerful.

We cannot thank the Bobbi Brown team enough for the astounding effort to help Smart Works as we look to build our presence around the UK.