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Location: London
Date: June 28, 2019
The Fold Woman: an interview with CEO Kate Stephens image

Our CEO, Kate Stephens, recently spoke with the team at The Fold about her career, her style, and what it is like being the CEO of Smart Works.

The Fold have generously supported Smart Works for several years, donating beautifully tailored smart dresses for our clients, and hosting fundraising events to raise vital funds and awareness about Smart Works.

Kate Stephens spoke to The Fold about her career from Westminster to Smart Works, her biggest challenges and advice to other women.

Most importantly, Kate talked about the powerful and tangible impact of Smart Works:

“For me, every single day is about helping other women – and that’s a privilege. These women walk through our doors feeling anxious and lacking self-esteem; we style them, we encourage them and we make them feel safe. There’s this magic moment when they look in the dressing-room mirror, they smile and think: ‘I can do this.'”

Thank you so much to The Fold for your continued support and dedication to our clients.

To read the article in full, visit The Fold website.