Tina’s Story 💙

We recently caught up with Tina, a former client, who we met over a year ago, after she fled her home in Ukraine amidst the war, in search of a safer life in the UK.

For Tina, settling in a new country was a struggle. She had to leave her life behind, find schools for her children, and look for a new job for herself. “It felt like starting life anew.”

Lacking confidence, not having secured employment, she came to Smart Works where we supported her with clothing and coaching to help her look and feel her best at a crucial time.

Soon after, we heard the amazing news that Tina had landed a job. She said, “After I came to Smart Works, a switch turned on in my head, and I realised I’ve got this, and I deserve it. Getting a job is not just a matter of luck, I know I made it happen, and it’s a great start to a new life for my family and me.”

We were thrilled to hear about all of her success in her current role and how she now feels “confident about her future and her ability to support her family independently.”

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